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Tandberg was an electronics manufacturer located in Oslo, Norway (production, sales and distribution) and New York City, United States (sales and distribution). The company began in the radio field, but became more widely known for their reel-to-reel tape recorders as well as cassette decks and televisions. The original company went bankrupt in 1978 after a sharp financial downturn.

A former employee shares his experience on glassdoor.com, "Tandberg was bought by Cisco in 2010. The consensus-based approach to decision-making was slow and lead to flip-flopping. HQ in Oslo sometimes made it difficult to convince the management of ideas from outside of Norway. Market leader in a limited market that may have been overrun by neighboring bigger markets with the big tech players."


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Former Employee - Marketing Manager says

"Competition among colleagues is encouraged leading to an environment that was less than friendly."

Manager says

"No real career outlook in the U.S."

Marketing Manager says

"very few opportunities for growth, salary below average. People are not particularly bright ( after all you don't need a master to work for TANDBERG USA), so not many opportunities for learning new methods or management. Good positions are only given to Norwegians. Marketing department has very bad management, a lot of micromanagement. Beware of any job in product marketing or global marketing as managers are terrible."

Accounts Payable, Payroll, Office Management (Current Employee) says

"Company was aquired by another company. Have gone through several lay-offs. My position is being transitioned to them.Layed back environmentNo future"

Technical Support Engineer (Former Employee) says

"This company has moved back to Germany. Typical day was to support end users for tape drives and tape libraries. Learned how to support and manage tape storage. Management was sometimes step in and help to resolve complicated issues. Co workers worked as a team to help each other. Hardest part of this job was the continuous support for these devices over the phone, via email. Not enough people to keep up with demand. Most enjoyable part was resolving an issue and making client happy.We worked well as a teamNo management support after layoff"

Business Development Representative (Former Employee) says

"Supported sales team with warranty quotes, getting them to customers in a timely fashion. Accepted and processed payment for warranties and kept data base updated with new or revised contracts.Assisted customers with any contract issues and liaison between tech support and customers.Tracked growth of new and re-engaged re-sellers and provided monthly reports to upper management.The hardest part of the job was not being recognized for productive work and proper compensation.Most enjoyable part of the job was the sense of responsibility I had being the main point of contact in front and the warranty contract point person for the team to turn to for answers and assistance. In addition the relaxed atmosphere and casual attire at the office was nice."

Sr. Technician (Former Employee) says

"Sr. Technician • Maintenance and repair GENRAD 2276 Automated Circuit Board Test Station. • Troubleshoot and repair Tandberg tape drives"

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